About Vanstron Automation

Vanstron Automation founded as a professional manufacturer of SMT equipment for the electronics industry by being partner with the engineering teams who are with more than 10 years experience in the SMT industries. From the automation solutions to the products thermal drying technology,today we are doing our best on research and development to produce equipment that meets customer’s needs with techniques and experiences which have been built up for a long time.

We are based in Shenzhen of China, where we have our own test center and factory. It allows us to offer non-binding preliminary projects before any automation project. Our core products includes such as PCB Boards handling machines,Traceability equipment(Inline laser marking system), and Special thermal drying oven (UV/ IR curing ovens) and lead free reflow ovens.

Core Business Our core business includes the following
  • PCB Handling Equipment for PCBA industry
  • Material Handling System for Semicon Industry
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) for Capital Equipment Manufacturers
  • Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) for other brand
Core Competencies Over the years, we have developed core competencies that warrant us to be the global leader in the industry
  • Customization


  • Short lead time

    Short lead time

  • Flexibility


  •  Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

  • Premium Quality Products

    Premium Quality Products

  • Value For Money

    Value For Money

  • International Distribution Network

    International Distribution Network

  •  Extensive Service Support

    Extensive Service Support

Corporate Policy

Customer first, and Quality Innovation,technology innovation. 

Manufacture quality(Design, Process) innovation and partner quality(Parts) innovation Market(Customer) quality innovation Produce high quality product by quality standardization.

Impressing customer by adhering to quality(Q) and delivery time(D) Immediately response for customer Achieve customer satisfaction by differentiating requirement level.

Technology empowerment(insufficient skill, necessary skill) Develop new business technology Achieve differentiation technology competition by developing prior technology.

Quality Policy

Vanstron board handling products are known for high quality; Our solutions are fully modular, enabling easy configurations to versatile line configurations. We have the capability to offer optimized solutions based on our world-class production process knowhow for maximum capacity, quality and flexibility. Just to make sure that the solution is a perfect match for your needs.