Vanstron automation is highly regarded for its best-China quality boards handling machines, produced with the flexibility and nimbleness demanded by its customers all over the world.Vanstron is available to offer the full range of boards handling machines and also the non-standard transportation solution for the SMT industries.

Shuttle Conveyor/ Traverser

Shuttle Conveyor/ Traverser

TR-250 Traverser / Shuttle conveyor


This unit is used to redirect flow of PCBs into different channels in a production line. It is designed to shuttle PCB's to next process. The conveyor can collect PCB's from two lines to one line/ distribute PCB's from one line to two lines. 

  1. As a line combiner, two pick and places go to one line combiner, then go to a reflow oven. Or two stencil printers go to one SPI, then SMT.
  2. As a line separator, it can be used after the inspection system. The Pass board goes to unloader. The fail board goes to a rework system. 


  1. Simple touch screen control panel
  2. Enclosed design ensures high level of safety
  3. Swift, smooth and precise operation
  4. Different lengths available upon request
  5. SMEMA compatible
  6. PLC controller;
  7. Japan Keyence sensor control
  8. By-pass mode selectable.
  9. Touchscreen display
  10. SMEMA compatible
  11. 3-color light tower and audible alarm
  12. IGUS flex cable
  13. Conveyor width adjustment using hand crank.