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Combination Magazine/Stacked PCB Loader

Combination Magazine/Stacked PCB Loader
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Combination Magazine/Stacked PCB Loader/Vacuum loader and Magazine loader.

Application: It can be used to load PCBs onto the production line from either magazines or stacks, simplifying double-sided board assembly. Ideal for double-sided assembly. Load bare boards from stacks or partial assemblies from magazines. 2 models in 1 machine: Vacuum loader and Magazine loader.

Technical Specifications:
Indexing Pitch:1~4 (10 mm pitch) or specify
Diameter 3mm edge round belt
Component clearance: top 80 mm bottom 20 mm
Power: AC 220 V/110 V, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase
Air Pressure: 5kgf/cm² 
PCB Convey Direction: L-R ( Or R-L) 
Front rail fixed ( or rear rail fixed)
Conveyor height:900+50/-20 mm
Stack Height: 200 mm
Conveyor speed: vacuum loading 15 s/pc, loading 7 s/pc
Magazine max pcb width available at 250mm(S), 330mm(M), 390mm(L), 460mm(X) 
Model No
Magazine Size
Max PCB Size
250 mm Magazine & Vacuum Loader
355x320x563 mm
350x250 mm
330 mm Magazine& Vacuum Loader 
460x400x563 mm
460x330 mm
390 mm Magazine& Vacuum Loader
535x460x570 mm
535x390 mm
460 mm Magazine& Vacuum Loader
535x530x570 mm
535x460 mm
Order and Shipping Info:


Machine Dimension(L×W×H)

Net Weight

Shipping Dimension(L×W×H)



1500×870×1200 mm

250 kgs

1610×1070×1420 mm

340 kgs


1860×950×1200 mm

300 kgs

1970×1150×1420 mm

390 kgs


2100×1000×1200 mm

340 kgs

2210×1200×1420 mm

430 kgs


2100×1080×1200 mm

360 kgs

2210×1280×1420 mm

460 kgs