Vanstron automation is highly regarded for its best-China quality boards handling machines, produced with the flexibility and nimbleness demanded by its customers all over the world.Vanstron is available to offer the full range of boards handling machines and also the non-standard transportation solution for the SMT industries.

90 degree turning conveyor

90 degree turning conveyor

This unit is used to transfer PCBs around corners for continued process flow. Available in clock wise or counter clock wise rotation.

The PCB is accepted and transferred to the end of the rails. The carriage shuttles forward and than turns 90 degrees. The carriage shuttles forward to align with the next process to deliver the PCB. Once transferred, the carriage returns home to request another PCB.


PCB size: 80 x 50 ~ 500 x 460mm;

PLC control + Omron sensors;

Diameter: 3mm edge ESD flat belts

Air Pressure: 5kgf/cm2

Power: AC220V, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase

PCB Convey Directon: L-R ( Or R-L)

Front rail fxed ( or rear rail fxed)

Conveyor Height:900+/-50mm

Conveyor Speed: 10m/s

Built-in rotary mechanism to ensure highest level of safety.

Sturdy and stable design.

User friendly “touch panel” control panel.

Smooth and precise rotaton.

Smooth and parallel width adjustment.

SMEMA compatble

CE certfcates;