Company profile

Vanstron Automation Co.,Ltd, is a global supplier who is manufacturing and exporting pcb assembly Equipment such as boards handling machine,inline laser marker machine, inline vertical curing ovens, UV curing ovens for the SMT automation process. Since the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, CHINA, on 2015, our continuous product development in SMT field becomes the important supplier of some AVL (approved vendor list) company and being recognized for the company products and responsiveness from customer around the world in automotive, electricity &electronics, defense industry and medical fields, we are becoming the leading manufacturer of SMT peripheral in China with continuous sales growth.

          Thanks to the great engineering team,Vanstron Automation is not only available to provide our customer with the stable standard products and solutions,but also offering the customization automation solutions in the SMT process field.We master the advanced modern industrial communication language from the Ethernet communication to the basic PLC programming,which allows our machine are available to link with any machine in the world as the results to help our end users improve the production efficiency but no need to spend too expensive cost.

          Vanstron Automation is based on the values of credibility, focus and trust. We are credible because we do what we say - and we say what we do. We are focused because we want to be the best at what we are good at - Automating electronics production. And we are trustworthy because we are not just a supplier - we are a partner.

We are a long-term partner of world market and technology leaders; in our product portfolio you can find well established technologies as well as innovative and pioneering technologies. What connects all our products? We count on a combination of high-quality solutions and competent support that provide you with long-term and sustainable process advantages.

          Our core products include such as boards handling machine, inline laser marker machine, inline vertical curing ovens, UV curing ovens.



Philosophy Management Quality standard

We act according to this mission statement

Our aspiration is to help our customers achieve a sustainable technological advantage with innovative and forward-looking technologies. To achieve this, we believe in collaborative relationships with our customers and a close exchange with our suppliers. We carefully select our product portfolio, which is continuously updated with new technologies.

We act according to this mission statement

Competent consultation and technical application are among our core competencies. With multiple years of experience and practical know-how, we are experts in SMD manufacturing processes.

We know the market and the technological developments; our customers know the practice on the production line: thanks to our good relationship with both customers and suppliers, the suggestions of our customers flow directly into the further development of the machines at our suppliers.

Together we initiate change.

The Management Board

Mr. LG Tang and Mr. Ming Yang are the managing directors of the Vanstron Automation.

With over 10 years of experience in the SMD industry and in sales, they are not only responsible for the management of the Vanstron automation but also take over operative tasks, are involved in daily business and are thus still close with the market, our customers and the Vanstron-team.

We know the market and the technological developments; our customers know the practice on the production line: thanks to our good relationship with both customers and local agents, the suggestions of our customers flow directly into the further development of the machines at our engineering team.

We are the high end quality supplier

With our solutions, we help our customers to continuously improve their SMD processes. For us, improving processes doesn´t stop with the customer: we constantly develop our workflows and maintain a standard for processes, products and services that allows us to optimize our service and to achieve an even better customer satisfaction. Our standard of quality-management is CE certified and ISO certified.

Since 2015 we have been allowed to adorn ourselves with the CE standards badge, and in 2018 we received certification for the CE certificates for all our machines. Our standard is regularly reviewed by external auditors. In the case of VANSTRON, the management system review covers sales, application and service of high-tech investment goods for electronics manufacturing.

Company history



Vanstron founded by the concept of providing the products of exceeding Made-in-China and the passion for the innovation SMT technologies.


2018, Full series products of boards handling machine received the professional CE certificates and officially setup for the overseas business department.


2019, Investment with more over USD 360K on inline laser marker machine R&D jobs and successful promoting in the market. Release the first generation of vertical curing ovens.


2021 Today, Vanstron is a professional manufacturer with 2550 m2 plant for laser marker machine, vertical curing ovens, UV curing ovens and boards handling machines.


2020 Vanstron Europe branch company is built up in Hungary by Mr.Bengt to provide more professional service support for our end users.

Company philosophy

Core Competencies

We take the managing concept of Customer first, and quality Innovation, technology innovation into our daily Jobs, which require us to improve the manufacturing process and skilled engineering team to pay much importance on the details, especially on the machine design and industrial common knowledges.
In addition to this, being responsible for the customer and partners, our raw material suppliers were strictly selected to accept the advanced manufacturing managing skills and technical improvement so that the products can be delivered in time at the high-quality conditions.



Quality Policy

Vanstron products are known for high quality; Our solutions are fully modular, enabling easy configurations to versatile line configurations. We have the capability to offer optimized solutions based on our advanced production process knowhow for maximum capacity, quality and flexibility. Just to make sure that the solution is a perfect match for your needs.



Typical customer

Cooperative Partner